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A very complete launcher for Android 4.0

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Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher is a new start-up screen for Android devices of version 4.0 or higher and it includes a lot more benefits than you normally can enjoy.

One of the most remarkable and distinguished things of Nova Launcher is its impressive visual aspect that will try to leave you flabbergasted with almost every action you can do with it. The simple fact of moving your finger on the screen to 'scroll' is already nice enough.

Nevertheless, aesthetic parts aside, the application will give you a lot of configuration options for your touch movements on the screen and including for actions such as shaking the phone, moving it to a side, etc.

In addition to all of this, you will have enough personalization options with the icons of the different desktops on the phone and you can make 'backups' of your configurations to easily import them on any other device.

Nova Launcher is a tool that combines elegance and flexibility to provide a different start-up screen full of possibilities. If you want to try something new, take a look at it, it will surely convince you.
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